TAV Operation Services Extends Premium Lounge Experience in North America! Primeclass Bermuda is now opened!


TAV Operation Services Ltd. is  pleased to announce the opening of two new lounges at Bermuda’s  L.F. Wade International Airport .

Attending the opening ceremony, TAV Operation Services CEO Güçlü Batkın said, "We are thrilled to welcome passengers in Bermuda, the heart of the North Atlantic. We will be offering our guests a superior level of hospitality and unique travel experience in our lounges.

I believe the rebound of post-COVID will be positive thanks to Bermuda’s key position in North American leisure traffic. The opening of Bermuda Primeclass lounges will be marked as  our 3rd destination in North America. We believe our presence in Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport will fortify a fundamental role of our growth in the region, and sights are set on further locations in the near future.

I appreciate the effective cooperation of Skyport in the opening of the lounges. I’d like to acknowledge our local business partner Graycliff Divans Bermuda Ltd., with whom we joined forces to achieve strong business results. Bermuda Primeclass lounges will become a crucial and memorable part of the unique Bermudian experience.”

TAV Operation Services and Graycliff Divans Bermuda Ltd. companies joint forces for the operation of lounges. This partnership has been formed to combine the award-winning international lounge hospitality services with the local knowledge and know-how of the Bermuda lounge operations incumbent.

Aaron Smith, President of Graycliff Divans Bermuda Ltd. said: “We are excited to be able to enter into a joint venture to operate the airport executive lounges with TAV Operation Services . Not only do they bring vast experience and knowledge as an international lounge partner, but they also provide access to an extensive network that will benefit Bermudian and visiting passengers and guests.

Aaron Adderley, the President of Bermuda Skyport added “Having successfully navigated the myriad of challenges the pandemic has presented, we are excited to see our investment through and officially open the Bermuda Primeclass lounges here at the LF Wade International Airport. The lounges are bright, airy, modern and state-of-the-art, which fit the theme of our new airport terminal. We are especially pleased that a Bermuda business was able to partner with an industry leading company with immense experience operating airport lounges around the world.  We look forward to our lounge guests enjoying a first-class experience in our new, world class terminal”

Primeclass lounges at the new Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport consist of two primary spaces, one at each end of the departures concourses. The US departures lounge has a capacity of 66 within a 242 sq. m / 2,605 sq. ft. area, while the International departures lounge has 89 seating capacity within a 359 sq. m / 3,864 sq. ft. area.

Both lounges welcome guests with a concierge reception desk and an open lobby area. The spaces are arranged to take advantage of the stunning views and  landscape beyond the walls. Natural light provides plenty of freshness in the palette of soft pastels and sun-washed neutral colours. Bermuda's classic island architecture is reflected in lime-washed teak floors accented with honed black and white marble accents. Contemporary interpretations of traditional forms and materials are used to combine heritage with the modern.

Bermuda’s Primeclass Lounges' culinary selection and lively Bacardi inspired bars aim to let customers enjoy their farewell gastronomic island experience. Primeclass lounges also include amenities such as meeting areas and showers to provide ultimate comfort to passengers before their flight.