TAV Operation Services adopting Occupational Health and Safety management system as an integral part of its work order for employees, suppliers, customers and all related sides with an innovative service and proactive management mentality 

Giving priority to Occupational Health and Safety in all fields of operation and in order to provide a safe work environment as part of the Occupational Health and Safety system based on continuous development, TAV Operation Services;

  • Determines hazards and risks to raise the Occupational Health and Safety culture to the desired level in line with the Zero Work Accident and Occupational Disease goal.
  • Enables complete implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety related processes with proper documentation.
  • Increases awareness and personal skills of the employees regarding Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Complies with national and international legislation, contracts and standards
  • Continuously communicates with the customers, employees, sub-contractors and sustains the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety processes in full.
  • Enables all employees to start working by considering and keeping the Occupational Health and Safety risks under control and lead them to gain this culture
  • Evaluating the opportunities which may improve Health and Safety Management System, make sure to every employee adopt the continuous improvement
  • Aim to reach Health and Safety targets which are determined with all managers, executives, employees from each level, employee representatives and all support employees' suggestions and ideas while making them attend to Health and Safety Processes.