Privacy Policy

Visitors to our website may do so as often as they like without needing to share their personal details. During visits to our website visitors’ personal details are obtained by us only with their knowledge and consent. Any personal information collected by TAV Operation Services as part of a registration or other procedure which requires its disclosure is held in the strictest confidence. Personal information such as a visitor’s name, surname, postal address, date of birth, sex, telephone and fax number and e-mail address are only recorded by us when disclosed by the visitor on our website.

We would like to remind you that we cannot guarantee to protect the contents of messages that are not encoded during e-mail correspondence and that you are responsible to ensure the security of your e-mails.

We may provide links on our website to other sites that are not hosted by TAV Operation Services. We recommend that you review the privacy and other policies of the site(s) you are linking to. TAV Operation Services cannot be held liable for the policies of other websites.

TAV Operation Services reserves the right to amend its privacy policies. Therefore, we recommend you revisit our Privacy Policy Page periodically.