As TAV Operation Services, being aware of providing high-quality service is the most important aspect for making a difference for ensuring customer satisfaction; we are evaluating the opinions, suggestions, requests, demands, and complaints of our customer as a source of inspiration and establishing long term relations by creating appropriate solutions in conformity with our policies and legal legislation for their needs and expectations and providing innovative and creative product and services in order to make their life easier.

We are carrying out our services with the principles of being customer-oriented, transparency, decidability, accountability, objectivity, continuous improvement, and privacy and in line with below given guidelines; 

  • We are aware that our customers always deserve the best and they are our most valuable asset and our future.
  • Our approach to customers is sincerity, intimacy, and geniality with empathy.
  • Understanding our customers' needs and expectations and provide them with tailor-made solutions.
  • We are providing our services by observing the principles of "Privacy of customer data" and "third party communication"
  • We are evaluating our customers' complaints objectively and if we are wrong we apologies and correct our mistake.
  • We extend our thanks to our customers for giving us an opportunity for improvement when they make a complaint about a service that is improper or imperfect.
  • Evaluate the feedback that we receive from our customers to ensure proactive improvements in our products and services and we furtherance our objective of being continuously customer-oriented.
  • To determine the areas that need to be improved within the customer complaint management system as well as increasing the efficiency, we are continuously reviewing the system and reporting the activities, hence we are continuously improving the system.