TAV Passport Enriches the Travel Experience with Art in Collaboration with PILEVNELI


Bodrum Primeclass Lounge at Milas-Bodrum Airport, which was renovated for the summer season, has been transformed into an art gallery with the works of the  PILEVNELI artists, one of Turkey's most well-known international contemporary art galleries. TAV Passport, the loyalty program of TAV Operation Services, which offers an exclusive and end-to-end travel experience at airports, became the leading supporter of all "Art Talks" and exhibition tours to be held throughout the summer at PILEVNELI Yalıkavak.  TAV Passport and Bodrum Primeclass Lounge are ready to set sail for brand-new experiences with art lovers.

TAV Passport, the loyalty program of TAV Operation Services, which has more than 85 passenger lounges in 19 countries worldwide, continues to enrich the travel experience of its members with art. On the Domestic side, Bodrum Primeclass Lounge will host the works of PİLEVNELİ artists throughout the summer. TAV Passport has also become the leading supporter of all "Art Talks" and exhibition tours that will take place throughout the summer season at PILEVNELI Yalıkavak, where art lovers are eagerly awaiting its opening.

Güçlü Batkın, Chief Executive Officer of TAV Operation Services, said: "At TAV Operation Services, we aim to offer our guests a  customized and seamless customer journey.  With over 5 million guests hosted in our lounges each year, we have been redesigning Primeclass Lounges as an art gallery for the past two years. As a global brand, we care about the power of art to strengthen cultural communication and provide different perspectives. In the coming period, we plan to bring the works of Turkish artists abroad. Bodrum has historically been a center of culture and arts, and this aspect has been strengthening again in recent years. We are delighted to contribute to this field by collaborating with PILEVNELI.”

Murat Pilevneli, Founding Director of PILEVNELI Gallery, said, "For the last three years, we have been organizing exhibitions in Bodrum during the summer season to contribute to contemporary art, art lovers, and the sector. This year, we are excited to add a new one to these exhibitions in collaboration with TAV Passport. This way, we will not leave art enthusiasts alone until the last moment they depart from Bodrum. We aim to enhance the airport experience of our visitors with exhibitions in a lounge, the primary purpose of which is to provide a comfortable space for all guests. We are changing the perception that art can only be exhibited in certain places. We want to have art accompany people wherever they go, and we have collaborated on one of our projects with the TAV Passport."

Refik Anadol's work at Bodrum Primeclass Lounge

Bodrum Primeclass Lounge, which will host the works of world-renowned artists throughout the summer as part of the TAV Passport - PILEVNELI collaboration, will offer its guests a unique experience by bringing travel and art together. Bodrum Primeclass Lounge will host works of famous artists such as Refik Anadol, Esra Gülmen, Tarık Töre, Frank Nitsche, Sucuk & Bratwurst during July.

TAV Passport "Art Talks" has started

"Art Talks", which will take place at PILEVNELI Yalıkavak under the sponsorship of TAV Passport throughout the season, kicked off with the artist Wim Delvoye, whose works push the boundaries of traditional patterns and established aesthetic perceptions. In addition to Delvoye, Serkan Sarıer, and Yuşa Yalçıntaş were the guests of the first Art Talks event.
Wim Delvoye's solo exhibition will be on view at PILEVNELI Yalıkavak until July 30, while the solo exhibitions of Serkan Sarıer and Yuşa Yalçıntaş will be on view until July 23.

About TAV Operation Services:

TAV Operation Services, a TAV Airports Holding and Group ADP subsidiary, is amongst the leading global airport and travel hospitality service providers. The company operates more than 85 lounges in 19 countries and offers a wide range of premium passenger services; it provides its guests with a unique, seamless, end-to-end customer journey as part of the travel experience and positions itself as a reliable solution provider for partners. TAV Operation Services' portfolio includes premium and ancillary services such as Meet & Greet, Fast Track, Loyalty Platform, and Commercial Area Management. The company has a global brand architecture, including Primeclass, TAV Passport, Tavport, LoungeMe, Airporteasy.com, and HelloSky. The global, diverse operation covers Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Africa, and South and North America in 19 countries.

About PILEVNELI Yalıkavak:

PILEVNELI Yalıkavak, which opened its doors in Bodrum last year, is located on a 6.5-acre land consisting of 1500 square meters of indoor space and 5000 square meters of open space. The venue has five levels of gallery spaces, and in addition to the exhibition spaces, Misk serves as a café and florist in the morning, and ŞişkoPerihan serves as a restaurant in the evening by the pool on the villa level. In addition, Pilevneli Shop, where the products of PILEVNELI artists' collaborations with brands, editioned prints, and PILEVNELI artist books are sold, awaits art lovers in the new space.