Primeclass is the world's first independent lounge operator to be awarded the 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Rating!


Primeclass is the world's first independent lounge operator to be awarded with the 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Rating, by international air transport rating agency Skytrax.

Primeclass lounges are operated by TAV Operation Services, part of TAV Airports and Groupe ADP.

The 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Certification is awarded to the Primeclass lounge at Muscat International Airport is certified as having excellent and consistent measures in place to reduce the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19.

For the standard Airline Lounge Ratings, the Primeclass lounge at Muscat International Airport has been Certified with the highest 5-Star Airline Lounge Rating in recognition of the product and service standards, and the excellent experience being delivered to customers.

Mr Güçlü Batkın, CEO of TAV Operation Services said: “We are thrilled that our Primeclass lounge in Muscat awarded the world’s first 5-Star COVID-19 Safety Certification.Our synergy with Oman Airports is playing crucial role in this great achievement.In the face of pandemic ,travellers expectation for a safe and seamless journey is now being reassured with a new set of health-and-safety practices. We ensure that our customers will be taken care during their lounge stay with increased hygiene pre-cautions in all touchpoints and excellent standards with the  food and beverage served. We are committed to ensure the similar level of health and wellbeing standards with enhanced facilities to in all our lounges around the world” 

Skytrax Airline Lounge Safety Ratings certify the safety and hygiene measures put in place by airlines and airport lounge operators to ensure that the lounges are meeting the highest standards, and delivering enhanced safety levels for customers and staff. The COVID-19 Lounge Audit evaluates over 150 lounge safety protocols across both facilities and staff service.

Sheikh Aimen Al Hosni ,CEO of Oman Airports said: It is exciting and fascinating to share this achievement especially when Tourism and Travel industry are going through challenging periods globally.

Our partners TAV Operation Services  through Primeclass lounge continue their great efforts to excel taking the award in 2019 for “Excellence in Hospitality” to the next level by being recognized globally by this prestigious “5 Star Lounge” award by Skytrax.Oman Airport and TAV have always prioritized customers satisfaction and safety, we feel honored to be awarded with 5 star Covid 19 Safety rating.We invite all airlines to fly to Muscat International Airport and enjoy this privileged service”   ”

The lounges provide very clear and visible advice to guests regarding face mask use, personal health monitoring, hand hygiene facilities, and social distancing and movement etiquette.

The Muscat location is expansive with a broad range of facilities and service which can be used by most guests as part of the standard entry package. The bar and buffet choices have broad appeal and cater for a variety of global cuisine and dietary needs. There is a complimentary spa, hotel standard bedrooms, children’s play facilities, computer games, cinema area, and pool tables, darts, and table football.

The service is delivered by multinational frontline staff which includes a fully stocked bar, barista coffee service, juice bar, and chef staff providing live cooking for special events.